Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers that allow you to instantly find a solution.
Questions and answers
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Can I use a proxy in the browser?
You can use our proxies in any modern browser convenient for you. To do this, it is enough to set the preferred type of protocols (http or socks5) in the settings.
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Will your proxies work with site X?
Unfortunately we don't know. We do not have the ability to constantly check the proxy for work with some specific sites. But we guarantee that technically proxies will process requests properly and quickly.
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I need country X proxies, do you have them?
Our proxies are positioned as World MIX. This means that we have different strange ones in stock, without a guarantee that there will be some specific one.
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Will my software work with your proxies?
If your software supports SOCKS5 or HTTP protocol - yes.
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Can I use 2 or more identical proxy packages per server/IP?
No. If you need more streams, it is recommended to buy a proxy with more streams. If even this number of threads is not enough, it is recommended to use a separate server. You can contact support, depending on the situation, a solution will be offered.
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Do you have IPv6?
Unfortunately we don't have IPv6 proxies. All our proxies are IPv4.
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What happens if I exceed the number of threads that is in my package?
If these are one-time excesses, the system will issue a temporary block. In subsequent cases, the blocking may be longer, up to a complete blocking of access.
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Do you have a refund?
Unfortunately we don't have a refunds. All sales are final. Please, before buying, take a test access to familiarize yourself with the control panel and the work of the proxy.
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What kind of authorization your proxy supports?
Currently we support authorization by IP only. This means that you need a static IPv4 address for comfortable work with our proxies.
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My software support only proxies with login and password, what can I do?
You can use any login and password if you must. But authorization will be made by authorized IP in control panel.
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What does threads means and how can I check current usage of threads?
In simple words: 1 thread in our service equals to 1 request (GET / POST / PUT etc). And this 1 threads counted from request begging (connect and authorization) till the request completion.
You can check actual request number for last 60 minutes in your control panel.
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I have paid, but the proxies didn't come to my mail
If your access was not delivered to your mail within 30 minutes after successful payment, please contact support.
Please note that payment via cryptocurrency can take from several minutes to several hours. Payment is considered successful, not from the moment the payment is sent, but only when the payment is confirmed by the blockchain and the payment aggregator.
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I have lost/deleted an email with an access key, what should I do?
Please contact support, we will be happy to help you restore access
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How many IPv4 can I authorize to connect to your proxies?
At the moment, our system supports only 1 authorization IP per access key. If you need to use proxy on different devices, you can buy additional access key. If you need more speed, you should consider buying package with more threads.
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I need only 1,2,3,5,10...N proxies
Unfortunately, we can not adjust or change our packages.
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How to renew proxy?
You can renew you proxy package by using control panel.
Please, keep in mind that you can renew only active access key.
If you forgot to renew your access, you need to buy a new one.
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Can I replace the proxy?
Usually not, but in some cases we try to find common ground. Please write to us, we will try to help with your problem
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What is forbidden to do with your proxies?
Anything that can be treated as illegal activity. The more details about rules and responsibility you can check in our terms and service
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I didn't find an answer to my question
Please try to use one of the proposed methods of communication on our contacts page.